Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Welsh Liberal Democrats give cautious welcome to Waste Measure

Kirsty Williams AM Welsh Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for the Environment, Sustainability and Rural Affairs has today welcomed the passing of the Wales (Waste) measure in the National Assembly for Wales.

The Measure aims to reduce the amount of waste and litter and to develop more effective waste management solutions here in Wales. Changes include introducing statutory targets for local authorities to meet in terms of recycling household waste, and gives ministers the ability to make retailers charge a fee for single use carrier bags.

Kirsty Williams said: “I am pleased that the Assembly has today passed the Waste Measure, which will help contribute to protecting Wales’ environment and our planet for the future. I am also pleased that the Minister has listened to advice and not only reduced the cost of the charge from 7p to 5p, but in light of the current economic circumstances also delayed the introduction until October 2011. I am however flabbergasted at the lack of preparation in some areas of the legislation, for example in terms of banning some subtances from landfill, the government haven’t even decided which body will oversee it. At stage two of the measure the Minister eluded to the Environment Agency being in charge, but in the chamber today she admitted that the Environment hadn’t even been contacted. Whilst I welcome the basic principles of the measure, this haphazard way of making legislation is not good for Welsh democracy.”

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