Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Budget ignores positive ideas for schools and economy– Peter Black

Responding to the Labour-Plaid government budget passed today, Peter Black, Welsh Liberal Democrat Shadow Finance Minister said:

“This budget does nothing to help the pupils of Wales or get the Welsh economy back on track.

“A few weeks before the budget was announced, the Labour leader called on all parties to ‘work constructively’ and ‘behave responsibly’ for the benefit of giving Wales a good budget. The Welsh Liberal Democrats suggested detailed and costed plans to help pupils from poorer backgrounds but they have been wilfully ignored by the Labour-Plaid government.

“Our schools and pupils desperately need investment as two respected reports recently criticised the poor standard of our education system.

“Wales deserves better than this, the budget should prioritise the two areas that can make a real difference to the Welsh economy now and in the future; education and jobs. This is the way that we will ensure growth in the Welsh economy and provide the high skilled jobs that we need.”

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