Monday, December 05, 2011

Statement about a child

Aberavon and Neath Liberal Democrats make the following response to the recent press release by a far right political organisation:

It was established at a court hearing in Cardiff that an unauthorised act of removal of a minor took place in the United States, and that Councillor Keith Davies was unreasonably denied access to relevant files by officers of Neath Port Talbot county borough. Liberal Democrat members of the council made it clear that we dissociated ourselves from the council's actions then and subsequently. In view of the injunction which we understand still holds in relation to events in the United Kingdom, it would be irresponsible to go further. However, people should not be seduced into voting for a party, whose ethos is anything but democratic, which is flouting court orders and which is taking advantage of a hard case to its own ends.

Councillor Keith Davies and fellow Liberal Democrat council members remain ready to assist Linda Lewis at any time should she call on us to do so. Aberavon & Neath Liberal Democrats are committed to improvements in children's services in Neath Port Talbot.


Anonymous said...

I too fully support Linda Lewis, signed Gary Lewis, Maesteg.

Anonymous said...

What a sickeningly condescending article. Typical.

If only you knew the hard work that Councillor Edwards puts in behind the scenes helping Linda and her family.

Shame on you for knocking such a good man for your own political shortcomings.

Anonymous said...

Councillor Edwards has got you lot well worked out on his blog.

While his is breaking illegal and invalid injunctions and fighting like hell.

You lot haven't even broken wind.

You are not fit for purpose.


Anonymous said...

I received a leaflet from Keith Davies at the General Election pictured with Nick Clegg.

Does Clegg know about this ?

Best mates by all accounts.

I voted BNP because of Councillor Kevin Edwards and his commitment to Linda's case.

I am glad that I did.

The Liberal Democrats are an abomination in NPT you know what has been done by Social Services and you sit on your hands.

Who's paying you to keep shtum ?

Grow some FFS

Dai Twice

Anonymous said...

I honestly cannot believe what you have written.

Crime in progress we don't want to know.

Well we do that's why we support Linda.


Dereck Smith


My son was taken by Social Services using the same lies and just like you lot no one wanted to know.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic article from the usual suspects. Kevin Edwards is worth 50 of you, he has worked his guts out on the Linda Lewis campaign risking his own personal safety whilst doing so.

I hope a lot of people are going to jail over the appalling treatment the Lewis family have suffered at the hands of Neath Port Talbot Social Services, the council and the courts who have lied and falsified evidence from the start.

The Lib Dems are as much an enemy of our country as Labour and the CONservatives are.

Anonymous said...

The comments seem to have stopped even.

Bitten off more than you can chew or have you exposed yourselves as useless ?

Limp Dums afraid of the backlash by some very decent people who have taken the time to visit your site to express their disapproval at you article.

Remember tuition fees.

Double standards again.

Anonymous said...

You are all frauds

Anonymous said...

if the Council officers have acted unlawfully and withheld information and not told senior officers/councillors then it is the duty of any councillor who knows to demand answers - see Laming Report 2003. The officers who acted unlawfully must be sacked.

That is the time to make forceful inquiries as a councillor not hanwringing about injunctions.

It is now known that judges in Swansea county court are stooges of the social services and being fed information behind the backs of the likes of Linda Lewis.

Why is public money being wasted on public purse employees [teatsuckers] who should have been sacked.

Was a Police officer Azzopardi involved in the illegal abduction? What evidence is there of his involvement - such information would be useful to me as I am currently investigating whether he was invoved in the cover up of failures in the case of Aaron Gilbert.

A reply from the Lib Dem Councillor's would be appreciated

Tanya Thomas said...

You Say

It was established at a court hearing in Cardiff that an unauthorised act of removal of a minor took place in the United States, and that Councillor Keith Davies was unreasonably denied access to relevant files by officers of Neath Port Talbot county borough.

Well if it was established how come there has been no justice for the Lewis family yet.

Has the illegal injunction been rescinded and is Linda's daughter now free or is she still Medical Prisoner held by Social Services.

Your answer would be appreciated because all I see here is that the court was corrupt and you as a group have walked away and let them do as they wish.

A reply would be appreciated.


Helen Darby said...

A small but select, principled, local Liberal Democrat party in South Wales, United Kingdom.

So where are they ?

No sign of them so far judging by this Cop - Out article.


Tony Veitch said...

Dear Frank Little

What a waste of time you and Keith Davies have been to Linda's fight for justice.

You are a couple of phony's who are more interested in protecting your " Masonic Backers " than any serious interest in helping Linda.

How does your conscience sit with you at the moment ?

Your lack of action and totally unwarranted attack on Councillor Edwards has left a sickening churn in my stomach that even a large Gaviscon cannot relieve.

Your job is done and as such exposed.

You have misled and mis advised Linda and her family to the point of unbelievable deceit and abuse.

Your whole involvement has been for one reason and one reason only.

To protect your "brothers in the lodge" and to watch out for them and their backs in their time of need and by God do they need it.

Their time is short and so is that of Andrew Tutton and John Tallamy both pawns in pretense but Kings in deception towards Linda and her family.

How low can you get to protect your own " Satanic Creed " and the guilty involved in your crooked sect ?

Stay away from Linda Lewis and her family they don't need your false sympathy and false concern.

Bow your heads in shame.

You disgust all of us decent folk who are genuinely fighting for Linda, her family and most importantly her daughter who is still being abused.

Tony Veitch


Don't bother putting this up as a comment I have emailed it to a rather extensive list.

Aberavon and Neath Liberal Democrats said...

The party totally rejects any accusations of Masonic influence.

The rest of the comments should be directed at Linda Lewis's local councillors in the Sandfields ward. What have they done for her?

Anonymous said...

I admit I am not a brain surgeon but

The rest of the comments should be directed at Linda Lewis's local councillors in the Sandfields ward. What have they done for her?

What do you mean by this are you passing the buck now that the going might be a bit HOT,HOT,HOT ?

As publicity seekers on Linda's case have you contacted her councilors on Miss Lewis behalf ?

God you are stupid.


Anonymous said...

Keith Davies got caught out big time didn't he.

The letters of support that he wrote were never meant to be in the public domain as they say.

Well done to Linda for forcing his hand he never expected that.

Just a few political points for at least trying. Not interested in Linda or her daughter.

You don't leave a house half built do you ?

You have.

Anyway as a group we will always remember you by this

Anonymous said...

Linda's case is high profile but if pleas for help to respective councillors and MPs hadn't fallen on deaf ears there wouldn't be so many other cases. Injunctions have been used NOT to protect the child but to cover up criminality.It is now time for MPs and councillors to get off the fence and come down on the side of law and order.