Thursday, January 31, 2013

Neath Port Talbot among unhealthiest boroughs in England and Wales

Analysis of the 2011 census figures has revealed that of the ten local authority areas with the lowest levels of good health, five are in Wales and that Neath Port Talbot is one of these five.

Local Liberal Democrats say that this is a scandal. One sadly has to accept that where a person is born often dictates how healthy that person’s life will be, but more than 13 years of Labour rule in London and Wales has resulted in a more unequal society with a widening gap between the rich and poor. The disproportionate appearance of Welsh local authority figures in this dismal table points to failure by the people in Cardiff responsible for the nation's health since devolution.

Welsh Liberal Democrat leader Kirsty Williams has affirmed: “The Welsh Liberal Democrats believe that reducing health inequalities is a matter of fairness and social justice. We will continue to hold this failing Welsh Labour Government to account; for too long the people in South Wales have been allowed to be left behind.”


Anonymous said...

where is this England and wales place. With 60 million in England and 3 million in Wales , what kind of a ridiculous headline is this? Lazy

Anonymous said...

I think we can assume that since no-one from the labour party has commented on this blog, they really don't care...

As I have shown, the more social deprevation there is in a Ward, the more likely the voters are likely to vote Labour, so there's no incentive to clear this mess up!