Friday, November 14, 2014

Candidate for Aberavon

Aberavon Liberal Democrats have re-selected Helen Ceri Clarke, who stood for the party in the Welsh
General Election, as their candidate for the Westminster election in May 2015.


Anonymous said...

Having done research I see that Helen Ceri Clarke as well as being some sort of " Punk Rocker " in a band lists her occupation as a " Caseworker."

Whilst it is surprising that the Lib Dems have the temerity to stand and will no doubt lose their deposit.

Could you please confirm for the benefit of the electorate.

Does the term " Caseworker " actually mean that you have selected a Child Stealing Social Worker as your candidate for Aberavon ?

Many Thanks

Aberavon and Neath Liberal Democrats said...

Helen is a caseworker for Peter Black AM and has fought against NPT social services on many issues.

Seeing the divisions and inconsistencies within the Labour Party, the voters of Aberavon are clearly better off switching to a party which has done more as a minority within government than Labour did in thirteen years with an absolute majority.