Sunday, September 20, 2015

Liberal Democrats vote to give boost to tourist trade

Federal Conference today voted to support cutting tax on tourism. Eluned Parrott, moving on behalf of Welsh Liberal Democrats, pointed out that 25 of 28 EU member states had taken advantage of a concession on VAT to reduce the tax on tourist accommodation and attractions. Backed by parties from the four corners of Britain, she pointed out that hospitality employed people at many different skill levels, unlike most of the newer industries, and had a good record in career development. Cutting VAT to 5% would initially hit the overall tax take, but would start to pay for itself after three years and would yield gains in the billions over a decade.

Eluned writes:

"Cutting VAT on hotels and attractions will boost tourism, create jobs and put our businesses on an equal footing with those across Europe.

"Now we need to turn this policy into reality. Please click here to sign our petition to cut tax on tourism."

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