Thursday, April 26, 2018

Wherever Universal Credit is introduced the pressure on local food banks goes up

Responding to reports that the Universal Credit roll-out is leading to an increased need for food bank parcels, Liberal Democrat Work and Pensions Spokesperson Stephen Lloyd said:
“Wherever Universal Credit is introduced, the pressure on local food banks goes up; in Hastings last year it soared by a shocking 80%. Given major cuts to benefits since 2015, it’s no wonder that many more vulnerable people, tens of thousands, are having to go to Food Banks just to feed themselves and their children.
"Theresa May and her Conservative government are continuing their utterly merciless attack on the poorest and most desperate in our society. I would urge they stop before it’s too late, by ending the benefits freeze, pausing the roll-out of Universal Credit and reversing the swingeing work allowance cuts, so that work really  does pay.”

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