Thursday, August 30, 2018

Tories are betraying our chance for cleaner, safer future

Today's letter from the Solar Trade Association, with hundreds of stakeholder signatories, calls on Energy Minister Claire Perry to confirm the continuation of the 'export tariff', which works alongside the Feed-In Tariff to ensure that small solar generators are remunerated fairly for the energy they feed into the grid. Ed Davey, former Liberal Democrat Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, said:

“After the blistering heatwave this summer, even Conservative Ministers should have realised the urgency of rolling out more green energy, especially small scale solar power but once again they’re betraying our chance for a cleaner, safer future. 

“It’s now beyond doubt that the Conservatives have lost the plot when it comes to fighting climate change and backing the low carbon power we need.

“Solar support has already been cut drastically leading to a dramatic fall in investment. This latest Conservative assault on renewable power could be the nail in the coffin and makes no economic or environmental sense at all.

“I’m proud Liberal Democrats helped developed huge amounts of solar and wind power, and outraged that the Conservatives seem to want to kill off renewables in favour of fracked gas and nuclear.”

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