Friday, September 20, 2019

Thornberry must withdraw Taliban remarks

Responding to the comments made by Emily Thornberry comparing the Liberal Democrats to the Taliban, Liberal Democrat Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Chuka Umunna said:

"Emily Thornberry should withdraw her inappropriate remarks. Language counts - comparing the Liberal Democrats to a murderous organisation is no laughing matter.

"It is also grossly insulting to the 6 million people who signed the revoke Article 50 petition launched earlier this year, including many of the Shadow Cabinet's constituents.

"The Liberal Democrats are clear that every vote for us is a vote to stop Brexit."

 ConstituencyNumber of signatories to the Revoke Article 50 petitionPercentage of electors in their constituency
Jeremy CorbynIslington North2715736%
Emily ThornberryIslington South and Finsbury2377034%
Dianne AbbottHackney North and Stoke Newington2801733%
Keir StarmerHolborn and St Pancras2838732%

The electorate for each constituency can be found here.

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