Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Lib Dems put forward legislation on alternatives to prison for women

Today, Liberal Democrat MP Daisy Cooper put forward legislation that would ensure female prisoners are given community sentences, unless they have committed a serious or violent offence and pose a threat to the public.

Women make up less than 5% of the prison population, but they are more likely than male prisoners to be serving short sentences for non-violent offences. The majority experienced childhood abuse and many are victims of domestic abuse.

This helps support the case that as most women in prison are vulnerable people, they should be only sent to prison when absolutely necessary.

Ahead of the introduction of her bill, Liberal Democrat Justice Spokesperson Daisy Cooper said:

“Far too many women are sent to prison on short sentences for non-violent offences. Most of them have experienced abuse, and many are mothers of dependent children.

“This has a destructive impact on women and children, while doing very little to prevent crime and keep people safe.

“Women should only be sent to prison where absolutely necessary: for the most serious crimes, or where they pose a threat to the public. Tough, community-based sentences would be far more effective at preventing reoffending, and helping offenders turn their lives around.”


Unknown said...

That's blatantly sexist. Any law like this should apply to both genders, men serving short sentences are vulnerable too.

nigel hunter said...

This can help women to remain in the community and look after the children instead of them being put into care with all the ups and downs that can entail. It can reduce prison overcrowding and prison costs.Even give them a chance to earn a living. That is just off the top of my head after reading it once. It has great potential.

Frank Little said...

Unknown, we have to deal with the world as it is. Women are far more likely to have children and old people dependent on them than men. Having said that, I agree that there are far too many short sentences generally for crimes which are better dealt with in the community.