Saturday, August 01, 2020

Government must legalise humanist marriages without further delay

The Liberal Democrats have called for the Government to introduce legal recognition of humanist marriages without further delay, after the High Court ruled yesterday that the current law causes discrimination.

Responding to the judgment, Liberal Democrat Justice Spokesperson Daisy Cooper said:

"Couples should have the right to get married the way they choose. Legalising humanist marriages is a simple but important change, and the Government must do it now, without further delay.

“It’s hard to understand why the Government has chosen to waste taxpayers’ money fighting in the courts to keep this discriminatory ban in place. The Conservatives have got their priorities badly wrong yet again.

"The Liberal Democrats are proud of our record championing equal rights for all people. That is why we have long called for legal recognition of humanist marriages, and now the Government must listen."

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Laurence Cox said...

We could also follow the French and abolish religious marriage entirely:

"A marriage in France must take place at the town hall (mairie) and must be conducted by the mayor or one of his/her representatives. A religious wedding ceremony conducted by a member of the religious community will not be recognised as a valid marriage without this civil ceremony. If the newlyweds wish to have a religious wedding ceremony, they must do this after the civil ceremony at the town hall and must present a marriage certificate to the priest, rabbi, minister or any other religious official before the religious wedding ceremony can take place."

We already have problems with one religious group where a religious marriage can be ended without the civil courts being involved, and which can cause serious disadvantage to women. We should not be extending religious marriage further (even if we call it humanist).