Friday, December 11, 2020

Welsh Liberal Democrats lead on candidate conduct compliance

Welsh Liberal Democrats is the first federal party to impose high qualification standards for inclusion on their list of approved candidates for the 2021 Welsh general election.

Members must sign up to the following code of conduct. Failing to follow this code of conduct will constitute prima facie grounds for removal from the list of approved candidates. In addition, if elected, failing to follow this code of conduct may result in the Whip being withdrawn.

1. You must treat others with respect, and must not bully or intimidate 

any Party member, member of Party staff, member of Parliamentary staff, 

Party volunteer or member of the public.

2. You must act in such a way as to promote the values of the Liberal 

Democrats and must not act in a way that is contrary to the interests or 

values of the Party. This includes your use of language, whether spoken 

or written, and content on digital or so-cial media platforms.

3. You must complete any declarations of private interest that the Party 

requires, and, if elected, must complete the Official Register of 

Interests or equivalent as supplied to Members and any declaration 

required by the Electoral Commission.

4. You must at all times comply with the current versions of the Political 

Parties, Elec-tions and Referendums Act 2000 and the Representation of the 

People Act 1983 and any other relevant legislation and must provide 

information regarding expenses or donations as required by the Party.

5. You must at all times comply with the Party’s data protection and data 

security policies when dealing with any data to which you may be given 

access by the Party.

6. You must give consent to and provide the details necessary for the 

Party to undertake (or to authorise an approved third party to undertake) 

an audit of your social media profile when requested.

7. You must abide by the Party’s internal selection and election rules, 

and by any other Code of Conduct that has been signed up to by the Party.

8. If asked by your state party, you must complete a post-election review 

after each general election, whether or not you stood as a candidate.

9. You must appoint an election agent who has been trained and certified 

by the Party, provided that a suitable person is available and willing to 

undertake the role.

10. If asked by your state party, you must agree a Candidate Compact with 

the local party (or parties) within three months of being selected as the 

prospective parliamentary candidate for a seat.

11. If elected, and if asked by your state party, you must make a 

reasonable contribution towards ongoing party activity, which will include 

a financial element, the exact level to be determined following the 

election by agreement with the relevant regional party and by reference 

to any relevant guidance then in force.

12. You must signify your agreement to this Code of Conduct to the 

Returning Officer at the start of any selection process in which you 


13. You must not bring, or risk bringing, the Party into disrepute.

It is expected that this or a similar Code of Conduct will be instituted for the party as a whole for Westminster elections.

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