Tuesday, June 14, 2022

NI Protocol: Johnson has debased the office of PM

Responding to the release of the Northern Ireland Protocol legislation, Liberal Democrat Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Layla Moran MP said: 

“It’s astounding that at exactly the moment when we should be standing united with our allies in the face of Russia’s aggression, the Conservative Government has decided to ignite a diplomatic firestorm. 

“From breaking his own laws at home to attempting to breach international law abroad, Boris Johnson has debased the office of Prime Minister. 

“If the Conservatives enact these proposals, they risk starting a trade war with our closest neighbours which will push prices up even further. In the midst of this cost of living emergency, this is the last thing families up and down the country need.”


Frank Little said...

One notes that the international money market has taken a dim view. Sterling's value plunged over 3%, more than wiping out the gains of recent weeks.

Unknown said...

Johnson thrives on chaos.His moves are always DELIBERATE to put him at the forefront.