Thursday, June 29, 2006

Plaid’s Political Leanings – I’m Confused

Readers of the Western Mail may have noticed the letter submitted by Dai Lloyd, which appeared in the publications letters page on the 26th June 2006.

Mr Lloyd chose to attack the Liberal Democrat led coalition within Swansea Council for being in partnership with the Tory Councillors.

Also in this letter Mr Lloyd tries to make out that Plaid is some sort of Socialist alternative, occupying the left of centre ground on the political map. This is far from the original political leanings of this Party.

Saunders Lewis (pictured above), writer, dramatist, jailbird and original president of Plaid Cymru was well known for his Anti-Semitic and Pro-Fascist views; this man was a true 1930’s style nationalist.

Furthermore, Plaid has always been in various coalitions with Tories, Socialist and various other political shades in between. Dafydd Wigley, consciously set a more Socialist agenda for the South, to attract disenchanted Labour voters when he was leader. This worked, to a certain extent. However, I understand this upset the more conservative “Old Guard” in the North.

- Gary Lewis 29 June 06

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