Monday, October 12, 2009

BNP must face tougher questioning – Huhne

Commenting on reports that the BBC had subjected members of the BNP to ‘soft’ questioning, Liberal Democrat Shadow Home Secretary, Chris Huhne said:

“The BBC must make sure that it is as quizzical and demanding of the BNP as its presenters are with everyone in politics.

“Now the BNP have got a foothold in elected office, the standard of questions into their position has to increase.

“There must be no soft rides.”

Neath Labour MP Peter Hain would prefer BBC not to give BNP any exposure at all. The Independent reports that his complaint to the corporation about Nick Griffin's imminent appearance on "Question Time" has prompted "a bitter split" with colleagues.

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Rayatcov said...

Isn't democracy wonderful.
What is all the fuss about? What are the main parties worried about and just why is it OK to accept Sinn Fein MEPs, who after all have murdered thousands and tried to kill a PM and members of the Royal Family and not the BNP.
All Mr Griffin has done is passed an opinion. An opinion that many do not agree with but only an opinion after all.
He hasn't claimed expenses for his gardening or his food or duck houses or a second home. The saying "People who live in glass houses", comes to mind.