Thursday, October 01, 2009

So, farewell then, Port Talbot & Neath Guardians

Today's issue of the Neath and Port Talbot Guardian is the last. We may have criticised local media on occasions, but we feel this is a sad day for local democracy. An outlet for local news and opinions has been lost.

For large areas of the county borough, there is now no newspaper with even nominal links to the area. The South Wales Guardian continues to serve the north-western towns and villages, it appears, but favours Carmarthenshire. The Evening Post is Swansea-orientated and printed in England. The Western Mail is edited in Cardiff.

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Anonymous said...

This is quite sad to see the end of such a publication.

The Tribune was "bought-up" by the Evening Post and then to my knowledge disappeared.

Like you pointed out, the EP is printed in England.

Will any journalists be left in the County?

Any sign that Rebecca will make a welcome return?