Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lib Dems will fight for fair bank charges in Parliament

Commenting on the OFT’s decision to drop its investigation into the fairness of bank overdraft charges, Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg said:

“This is extremely disappointing and a blow for millions of bank customers.

“Having come so close to overhauling an unfair system of charging that penalises vulnerable groups of people, I know that the campaign will not just stop.

“The Liberal Democrats will continue the fight for fair bank charges in Parliament and push for a change in the law if necessary so that high street banks cannot keep ripping off their customers.”

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Anonymous said...

Very much Heads Banks Win, Tails the Customer Lose!

Excessive bank charges, and those same customers are the taxpayers who bailed the banks out, last figures I heard it was to the tune of £60,000,000,000