Monday, December 19, 2011

Concern about the safety of children’s services in Neath Port Talbot

The Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member for South Wales West, Peter Black, has called on the Deputy Minister for Social Services, Gwenda Thomas to closely monitor children’s services in Neath Port Talbot following the publication of a highly critical inspection report.

Although the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales said that there had been improvements in the Council’s children and young people’s service, they identified a number of factors which they said ‘impact on the authority's ability to provide a safe, high quality responsive service.’

These factors include the loss of experienced practitioners, a continuing high turnover of staff, the reliance on agency staff, high case loads for social workers, an increase in the volume and complexity of referrals, and inconsistent case recording. The inspectorate concluded: ‘Taken together these factors pose a significant risk in respect of ensuring the welfare and safety of children in the authority.’

Mr Black said: “I am very concerned about this report and the picture it paints of the way that Neath Port Talbot Children’s Services operates. I have dealt with a constituent recently, whose experience of working with Neath Port Talbot’s Childrens’ Services raised many questions about how that section operates, its processes and the way that they manage risk. In fact I was so concerned that I met with the Deputy Minister to ask her to intervene. I know too that there have been a number of serious case reviews that also ask serious questions of the department.

“I will now be seeking assurances that there will be much closer monitoring of the weaknesses identified by this report and that a further inspection is held within the next 12 months so as to confirm improvements are continuing to be made. The Welsh Government must not rule out a direct intervention if things do not improve.”


Anonymous said...

Direct intervention NOW, not in 12 months time when it will be too late!

Anonymous said...

Councillor Edwards has once again put you guys in your place.

Grow some balls FFS

Tony Veitch

Who You Kidding ? said...

So come on Councillor's how did you both do it ?

A very cynical move by you and Peter Black to highlight the problem but to do nothing.

If you are looking for a way out then a bloody good try.

Nothing will happen.

Are you so dull as to think that as a group fighting for Linda you can get away from this and your deceit.

Kirsty Williams has also been given the evidence as has Peter Black.

In fact Kirsty Williams was downright rude and offensive towards Linda.

But she did her job very well she aided and abetted the cover up.

Double standards and deceit IS NOT SOMETHING that you and Councillor Davies have exclusive access to I am afraid.

Your masters in the Welsh Assembly have been complicit in this crime for years.

I am sure that Kevin will authorise me to release further evidence in due course.

Anonymous said...

Peter Black should be ashamed of himself, he new about Lindas case year's ago,so why? has he remained silent for all these years if he cared Peter Black is a waste of time.

Perhaps you would like to explain on Peter Blacks behalf.

Your reply would be appreciated on this " Lib-Dem Apologist " website.

29 December 2011 20:21

Anonymous said...

Reading AM Peter Black letter made me feel sick.

I have been a Member of the Liberal Party for Year's

I thought they were different from the other main parties.

They have allowed this Crime to contiue by remainig silent.

I respect the way in which you have highlighted the case,

I wish there were more men in a position of power who would highlight injustices

Men like you bringing injustices to light.

I will be looking to join Britain First Next Year.

Frank Little said...

The "Liberal Party" is nothing to do with us. The last anonymous contributor should go to