Thursday, April 09, 2015

Why Liberal Democrat women in parliament are vital

Liberal Democrats are fielding a record number of women in winnable seats and in seats which we held in the last parliament. Liberal Democrat Women are emphasising the party's key achievements and policies which are female-friendly:

1. Our commitment to ending the gender pay gap.
2. Shared parental leave, so mothers and fathers can work out what's best for their child.
3. Significantly improving mental health, with supports which mirrors that received for physical health.
4. Raising the tax allowance to £10,600. Which has meant a tax cut of £825 for 27 million working people and taken over 3 million out of paying tax altogether. A great Lib Dem policy particularly for women and young people who are most likely to be in part-time work as they can now keep more of the money they earn.
5. There are two million new apprenticeships because of the Lib Dems in Government.

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