Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Javid plans: a derisory response to criminal threats

Commenting on reports that the Home Secretary is planning to extend stop and search powers, Liberal Democrat Home Affairs Spokesperson Ed Davey said:

"We are only going to get a grip on the rise in violent crime by investing in more community police, not by changing laws when there are too few police in the first place. 
“Thinking new stop and search powers will help ignores the evidence, is frankly a derisory response to criminal threats from hi-tech drones and lasers and is a distraction from the real challenge of rebuilding community policing. 
"Only a long term financial commitment to community policing will restore the trust in police that is so vital to fighting crime, whilst a disproportionate use of stop and search can undermine that very trust community police officers rely on.
"Liberal Democrats demand better. Instead of expanding stop and search, the Home Secretary should halt the Conservatives' police cuts, invest in community policing and put more officers on the streets."

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