Friday, February 28, 2020

Johnson and Gove choose more brinkmanship over good EU deal

Responding to the news that the Government is threatening to leave negotiations with the EU in June if the EU do not accept Tory demands, Acting Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey said:

“Once again we have seen the PM is more interested in brinkmanship and pleasing the Tory backbenches than working with the EU to build a sustainable trading partnership.

“People are tired of the Government’s posturing. What they want is a well-functioning trading relationship with the EU that protects our jobs and businesses, not more self-imposed deadlines and threats to sabotage the negotiation.

“Finalising an agreement by 2021 is already unlikely, narrowing the timeframe even more is nothing short of reckless. The Liberal Democrats will oppose the Government’s negotiating stance and fight for the closest possible trading partnership with Europe.”

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nigel hunter said...

The johnson Govnt know full well they want a no deal and the UK out of the EU 2021 AND blame the EU for it. They equally know that they have to 'brainwash' the population (or at least enough voters to win the next election and solidify their position) to get support. There is a possibility that EU money given to the N.E. was then taken away from them via Govnt cuts thus allowing bad blood with the EU.. The UK has 7 out of 10 of the worst deprived areas in the EU The N.E. had money taken off them by Tories and are now voting for them who made them poor in the 1st place.