Friday, February 28, 2020

Tories robbing police of vital crime-fighting tool

Responding to reports that the Conservative government will not seek to participate in the European arrest warrant as part of the future relationship with the EU, Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesperson Christine Jardine MP said: 

“The first priority of any government should be to keep people safe. Instead, the Conservatives are robbing our police of a vital crime-fighting tool, and making it easier for thousands of dangerous criminals to evade justice.

“Boris Johnson’s reckless decision to cut the UK off from the European Arrest Warrant will make our country less safe.

“Crime is increasingly a cross-border problem, and Liberal Democrats will continue to argue for the closest possible co-operation with our European partners to tackle serious threats such as terrorism and organised crime.”

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nigel hunter said...

'Evade justice'.By doing this Johnson can welcome Russian gang members to come here,launder money and support the Tories. Linked with his 'alterations' to the judiciary and civil service this can also protect UK 'crooks' from being prosecuted.
bylinetimes 2020.02.25 underground russian influence johnson and the ghost station.
bylinetimes 2019.10.23 -firtash how the trump impeachment scandal leads back to british brexiters.
It can be a way of getting away with 'dirty dealings'. No wonder he want s to keep the Russian Papers uder wraps for what they can reveal.