Sunday, March 28, 2021

Jane Dodds: Mental health support at the heart of our plan to Put Recovery First

Lockdown has deeply affected all of us. 

People have lost loved ones, families have been separated and loneliness and isolation have become the new normal for so many. 

Mental health support must be at the heart of our plan to Put Recovery First. That’s why we have a four-point plan to make sure no one is left without the support they deserve:

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⏰ We need a 24/7 Mental Health care crisis system so that people can get care whenever they need it - round the clock support and services to look after our people as we recover. 

⌛️ We need to cut waiting times so that nobody has to suffer without help. That means investing in frontline services and training new specialists so that we have a nation where anyone can access support when it is needed. 

📍 We need to improve access to local support, so nobody is sent far away from friends and family. We would set targets to end the need for Out of Area placements that see children sent far from home, their family, and friends.

💼 We need the government to take responsibility for Mental Health, by working across the government to create community-embedded programmes which work for local people who need the support the most. 

Liberal Democrats believe in a fairer, more caring society, one that puts recovery first and helps residents as we slowly move out of isolation, one that ensures no one is left behind when in need of support. 

If you agree, please share our plan today.

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Together we can Put Recovery First for our mental health services.

Jane Dodds

Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader

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