Tuesday, March 23, 2021

We must get serious on Russia for the sake of our democracy



The Liberal Democrats passed a motion at our federal Spring Conference last weekend calling for immediate action to be taken on the Russia Report. This includes:

  • An investigation into Russian interference into our electoral process

  • Making protection of our democratic security a national priority with clear ministerial responsibility

  • Take big money out of politics by reforming party funding. 

Following the debate, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs Layla Moran MP said: 

"It is time for the Government to take our national security seriously and stop ducking this because it’s politically inconvenient. Our democratic defences are weak and we must listen to the urgent warning signs – their own Integrated Review should remind them of that.

"Last year's Russia Report has been swept under the carpet by the Conservatives. The security surrounding our elections should not be a party-political issue and yet Boris Johnson continues to get away with leaving our democracy vulnerable to a clear and present threat. 


"Liberal Democrats are calling for protection of our democratic process to become a national priority with clear ministerial responsibility. We need a real investigation into potential interference in our elections, and action to stop big money from figures close to the Kremlin influencing our politics.


"Putin’s assault on democracy around the world is clear for all to see, from interference in US politics to poisoning and imprisoning the opposition leader in his own country. Britain is 'clearly a target' for disinformation campaigns, according to the Russia Report, and now more than ever we should be focused on safeguarding our democracy at all levels."

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