Thursday, April 22, 2021

Green Homes Grants: Tories fail to take cutting emissions seriously


Responding to the Green Homes Grant statistics, which show there were just 113,700 applications for the grant, only 10,300 measures were installed and just 6,700 homes actually received the money from the scheme,
Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for the Climate Emergency Wera Hobhouse MP said:

“The Green Homes Grant has been a complete failure, as predicted right from the beginning. The Conservatives have simply failed to take the issue of upgrading our poor quality homes seriously.

“From the very beginning the Green Homes Grant was short-termist, poorly thought out and suffered chronic mismanagement. Rather than taking the issue of cutting emissions seriously, the Tories engaged in the worst kind of tokenistic politics.

“Liberal Democrats are calling for a ten year plan to upgrade our homes, backed up with significant government funds. This would cut emissions and bills, as well as eliminating fuel poverty by the end of the decade. Instead the Tories are failing to take action on the climate emergency, while condemning those in fuel poverty to years of high energy bills.”

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