Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Foreign aid cuts: Tory government's actions ruining UK's reputation

Yesterday, responding to Mr Speaker's ruling that the amendment on aid cuts was out of order and therefore not selected for a vote, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for International Development Layla Moran MP said:
"Today’s decision is just the start of the battle to reinstate the 0.7% target. Boris Johnson might have had a lucky escape from a vote on the cut today, but he cannot run and hide from Parliamentary democracy forever. 
"In a week which sees the eyes of the world on the UK at the G7, the Conservatives’ actions  from making it harder to vote at home to abandoning our development commitments around the world – are ruining our country’s reputation. 
"The Liberal Democrats will continue to stand up for the 0.7% target, which we have supported for over fifty years and enshrined in law."

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nigel hunter said...

By supporting his right wing voters he is indeed ruining the countries reputation.
He is also taking the money cos his Brexit ideology is 'not going to plan'also ruining the country