Monday, June 14, 2021

Slow down in renewables “failure of leadership”

New statistics show that renewable energy generation growth has slowed significantly in the last year, despite promises from the Conservatives to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 and to make Britain the “Saudi Arabia of wind energy.”
Offshore wind generation capacity grew by just 4% in 2020, compared to 20% the previous year. 
Onshore wind increased its capacity by just 1.1%, continuing a downward trend since 2017, when the Conservatives made it significantly harder to build new onshore wind farms. Solar capacity increased by 1.6%, continuing its limited growth since the Conservatives cut subsidies for solar power in 2016.
Wera Hobhouse, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for the Climate Emergency, said:
“In the year the UK is hosting a climate conference, we have to lead the world in tackling the climate emergency. 
"However, the Conservatives seem uninterested in doing this. This slowdown in renewable energy growth is a failure of leadership. 
“Expanding renewables is the easiest way to cut emissions, and yet the Conservative government is showing a complete lack of ambition. This disappointing progress follows the Government's grant cuts for home insulation and electric vehicles  they simply cannot be trusted to walk the walk on action for our environment. 
“Liberal Democrats believe in climate action now. That means expanding renewable generation to three quarters of all electricity by 2030.”

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