Friday, October 22, 2021

Leaked climate report: UK oil drilling and Cumbria coal mine must be cancelled

Responding to the leaked documents revealing countries lobbying the UN to play down the impact of fossil fuels, Liberal Democrat Climate Spokesperson Wera Hobhouse MP said:
"These leaks show the Conservatives have their work cut out for them if we're to get a good outcome from COP. It is vital the world moves away from fossil fuels, but it is hardly a shock that countries still dependent on them are trying to play down their significance.
"But the Tories are supporting fossil fuel expansion too, from a new coal mine in Cumbria to expanding oil drilling in Surrey. The UK cannot tell other countries to transition away if we're still backing new projects on our doorstep.
"Liberal Democrats want a successful COP, but without the cancellation of both these projects we are unlikely to see it."

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nigel hunter said...

I think more and more COP26 will be a damp squid and DISASTER FOLLOWS