Tuesday, October 05, 2021

PM refusing to make misogyny a hate crime is "out of touch" and "tone deaf"

Responding to the news that Boris Johnson does not support making misogyny a hate crime, Liberal Democrat Equalities Spokesperson Wera Hobhouse MP said:

"Violence against women and girls is endemic in our society. Since the tragic death of Sarah Everard, 80 women have allegedly been killed at the hands of men. We need stronger political leadership for a huge culture change.

"The Prime Minister today ruling out making misogyny a hate crime shows just how out of touch and tone deaf he is.

"Making misogyny a hate crime is a crucial step at the heart of reforming our criminal justice system, which has failed women and girls for too long. Yet this Conservative government is refusing to look at the real causes for violence against women and girls.

"Women and girls are being desperately let down time and time again, and this Tory Government is cruelly ignoring them."

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