Monday, November 01, 2021

Davey on Boris Johnson at COP: PM needs to start acting like 'Global Britain'

Responding to Boris Johnson's speech at COP26, Leader of the Liberal Democrats and Former Secretary of State for Climate Change, Ed Davey MP, said:
“Boris Johnson has blustered his way to COP26 and it is starting to show. This is the most important conference to take place on our shores in a generation, and we all need it to succeed.
“That means putting aside his differences with other western leaders, particularly our friends across Europe, and working together to force China and others to act. For COP to succeed, the Prime Minister needs to stop just talking about 'Global Britain' and start acting like it.
“For a good COP, we need British leadership and united Western pressure on China, Saudi Arabia and Brazil. For a bad COP, all we need is for Boris Johnson to continue down his current path.”

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