Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Pensioners betrayed by broken Tory promise on triple lock

First, the Tories rubbish the triple lock when it is included in the 2008 Lib Dems manifesto; secondly they are forced to accept it as part of the coalition agreement that year; then they claim it as one of their own when it proves popular, including it in all their subsequent manifestos; finally Rishi Sunak goes back on their word.

Responding to the rejection of an amendment to the Social Security Bill which would prevent the ditching of the pension triple lock, Liberal Democrat Work & Pensions Spokesperson Wendy Chamberlain MP said:

"Pensioners will not forget this triple lock betrayal. The Government have ploughed ahead with their manifesto-breaking plan, by rejecting a fair and sensible solution that would have saved the triple lock. The result is a downgraded rise in the state pension just as a cost-of-living crisis begins to bite. It is clear this Conservative Government is completely out of touch.

“The Prime Minister never misses a chance to talk about rising wages as a result of Brexit, yet at the same time calls this rise an anomaly to justify betraying pensioners. So which is it? Because it cannot be both.
"There is still time for the Government to come to their senses. At the very least they should use a realistic inflation figure, reflecting skyrocketing heating bills and the ever-rising cost of living. If they fail to, millions will see this rise be all but wiped out."

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