Monday, January 24, 2022

Agnew resignation: buck stops with Sunak over lost billions

Responding to the resignation of Treasury Minister Lord Agnew over Covid loan fraud, Liberal Democrat Treasury spokesperson Christine Jardine MP said:

"Will the last Boris Johnson supporter left turn off the lights?

“With two Ministerial resignations in two months and dozens of Tory MPs on the brink of handing in their letters to the 1922 Committee chairman, this is truly a Conservative government paralysed by chaos.

"It is outrageous this Government has allowed fraudsters to steal billions of taxpayer's money, especially when households are facing unfair tax hikes. 

“The combination of ‘arrogance, indolence, and ignorance’ which Lord Agnew referred to cannot be allowed to continue.

“The buck stops with Rishi Sunak. He must explain how he’s going to get back these billions he allowed to be stolen from our schools, hospitals and police forces, and if he can’t, he should resign for someone who will.”

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