Thursday, January 27, 2022

Crime stats: Tory government failing survivors of sexual violence

Responding to today's quarterly crime stats, which show that sexual offences are at their highest level recorded within a 12 month period and rape offences are at their highest annual number on record, Liberal Democrat Justice and Women & Equalities Spokesperson Wera Hobhouse MP said:

“These appalling figures lay bare the disturbing truth that violence against women is endemic in our society. 

“Survivors deserve justice. They deserve to be properly supported to come forward and be listened to when they do. What they don’t deserve is to be failed by a Government that sits on its hands and allows far too many violent predators to walk free without facing the consequence of their actions.

“Wholesale changes are needed across the board to ensure survivors get the justice they need. That starts with better relationships and sex education in schools and must be followed through with more training and resources for police forces and the courts”.

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