Wednesday, November 04, 2009

£1,000 for a UK train journey is scandalous

Commenting on the first £1,000 train fare in Britain being revealed in a survey by the Evening Standard, Liberal Democrat Shadow Transport Secretary, Norman Baker said:

“This is a very unwelcome landmark and will do nothing to encourage people to travel by train.

“When you can fly half way across Europe for £30, the idea that you can end up paying £1,000 for a train journey in Britain is absolutely scandalous.

“Not only are passengers being encouraged off the trains and into their cars, some considering this journey may decide they’d rather fly to Australia and back for half the price.”

(It was revealed that a walk-on first-class return from Cornwall to the Scottish Highlands by Cross-Country now costs over £1000)

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Anonymous said...

Truely shocking.

How many miles are we talking?

Seattle to Boston, one side of the United States to the other, $379 return, changing trains at Chicago 68 hrs 25 minutes