Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nick Clegg did not say he preferred the Conservatives

The Lib Dems’ director of election communications, Jonny Oates, states categorically that Nick Clegg did not express a preference for dealing with the Tories over Labour. In rebutting yesterday’s inaccurate press reports, all Jonny had to do was to reproduce the transcript of what Nick actually said:

"In view of today’s press reports about a balanced parliament, I thought it would be useful to provide the text of what Nick said on the Andrew Marr show on Sunday. As you will see, these comments do not indicate any preference between the other two parties in the event of no party having an overall majority:

'I think it is an inevitable fact, it is just stating the obvious, the party which has got the strongest mandate from the British people will have the first right to seek to govern.

'I start from a very simple first principle – it is not Gordon Brown or David Cameron or Nick Clegg who are kingmakers in British politics – it’s the British people.

'So the votes of the British people are what should determine what happens afterwards.

'Whichever party have the strongest mandate from the British people, it seems to me obvious in a democracy they have the first right to seek to try and govern, either on their own or with others.'"

Those in a position to know also rebut the assertion by Mr Hain's office that Nick Clegg has been talking to the Conservative leadership about post-election arrangements. If Mr Hain has evidence to back up his claims, then let him produce it.

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Cllr Gavin Ayling said...

Of course if we had PR then this debate would be so every-day as to become irrelevant!