Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Welsh Lib Dem challenges nationalists over council tax

Government figures show that local authorities have more than doubled the amount of money raised from Council Tax in the past decade.

Frank Little, prospective Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Neath, challenged Plaid Cymru to say whether they still supported the move to fair local taxation, or whether they had abandoned the policy with which they entered the last two elections. "Is keeping on the right side of Labour, and therefore ministerial seats in Cardiff, more important than axeing a regressive tax?" he asked.

Liberal Democrat Shadow Communities and Local Government Secretary, Julia Goldsworthy said:

“Millions of families have struggled with Council Tax bills that have soared while Labour has tinkered at the edges.

“Both the Tories and Labour offer no serious alternative to a tax that has skyrocketed this decade.

“The Liberal Democrats would move to a fair system of local taxation based on people’s ability to pay.”

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