Thursday, March 06, 2014

LibDem and UKIP MEP voting records compared

Michael Crick concludes:
The former Ukip MEP Godfrey Bloom, who no longer gets the Ukip whip, has a very poor record, having voted in just 26.47 per cent of votes. If one included Bloom (and he is still a Ukip party member) the average Ukip figure would be dragged down to 62.2 per cent.
The Liberal Democrat voting record is very different.
Their 12 MEPs have voted in 87.95 per cent of votes – more than seven votes out of every eight. Even the Lib Dem MEPs’ worst voter, Edward McMillan-Scott, took part in 70.62 per cent of plenary votes.
It makes sense for even opponents of our membership of the European Union to make sure that they get some value for the money that is spent on MEPs' salaries and expenses, and to vote for candidates who will actually turn up to vote on matters they are concerned about.

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