Thursday, March 06, 2014

Minimum Nurses Bill goes forward

Yesterday, the National Assembly voted to accept Kirsty Williams's Minimum Nursing Staff Levels Bill for further discussion.

Kirsty writes:

Over the next 18 months or so my idea will be turned into a concrete proposal, consulted on and scrutinised. It’s a long road from where we are today to the finishing line.

One thing is certain though. The more people who add their support at, the stronger my case will be in the Assembly as my Bill gets debated over the coming months.

I was able to tell Assembly Members today about the thousands of people from across Wales who’d already added their support to the campaign, and I know it made a difference.

As my proposal goes forward to be scrutinised, it’s even more important to have as many people supporting it as possible.

If you haven’t added your support at already, please do.

And if you have, please spread the word, so we can really build a campaign to improve our NHS here in Wales.

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