Friday, May 18, 2018

Increasingly likely UK will not be ready to leave EU by March

Commenting on reports that Theresa May's spokesperson has said the EU Withdrawal Bill will return to the House of Commons in 'weeks rather than months', Lord Wallace, Liberal Democrat spokesperson for the Cabinet Office, said:
"The Tory government is blindly drifting into a world where the UK will not be able to leave the EU by March.
"Even if Theresa May doesn't shelve the EU Withdrawal Bill for months, there are many other Brexit Bills that are still waiting in the queue behind that. We haven't even seen the Immigration or Agriculture Bills yet, for example.
"The Prime Minister's cowardice comes at a high price for her Brexiter Cabinet. Every postponed decision and parliamentary debate brings us closer to March and closer to being unable to get through the huge amounts of necessary legislation."

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