Monday, May 21, 2018

Omission from Galileo is a shocking reminder of damaging impact of Brexit

Commenting on Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson's announcement that he is considering British participation in an alternative satellite-navigation system to the EU's Galileo programme, Liberal Democrat Transport Spokesperson Baroness Randerson said:

“Our omission from Galileo is a shocking reminder of the damaging impact that Brexit is having on our economy. All the while the Government are proposing to waste billions on a British sat-nav system.
“We have already seen losses of high-skilled, well-paid jobs that are crucially important to our national security.
“Talk of replacing it with our own version, in cahoots with the country furthest away from the UK is frankly delusional, taking decades, in the meantime, our brightest and best leave our borders to follow the jobs elsewhere.
“Apparently, Gavin Williamson wants to take back control of space as well.”

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