Monday, May 14, 2018

Tories wanted to do away with civil partnerships altogether

Responding to reports that the UK Government may extend civil partnerships to heterosexual couples, Baroness Lynne Featherstone, who successfully pioneered the legislation that delivered same-sex marriage, said: 
"Liberal Democrats have always been clear that people who love each other should be allowed to celebrate their love as they wish. That is why we wanted to introduce civil partnerships for heterosexual couples alongside same-sex marriage.
“However, it was the Conservatives who blocked this. In fact, for too long there has been a consistent desire from the Conservatives to get rid of civil partnerships altogether.
“I therefore welcome their reported U-turn with some hesitation. If they couldn’t be trusted to deliver before then why should they be trusted now?
“Liberal Democrats will continue to campaign to ensure everyone can celebrate their love equally.”

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