Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Layla Moran says: Recognition of Palestine cannot wait

Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran has today called on the UK Government to recognise Palestine following the Israeli election.
Ms Moran, the first MP of Palestinian decent, previously introduced the Palestinian Statehood (Recognition) Bill which would require the UK Government to recognise the State of Palestine within 3 months of the Bill being passed. It had support from Lib Dem, Labour, SNP, Plaid and Green MPs.
Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran said:
"The dead heat between Gantz and Netanyahu means uncertainty for Palestinians continues. We now wait with bated breath for the last votes to be counted and the outcome of coalition talks.  

"However, should Netanyahu emerge as the leader, I hope the international community will speak out against the far right positions that he expressed during the election such as the annexation of Palestinian occupied territory. Such flagrant flouting of international law cannot and should not be tolerated. 

"Never has it been more important to reignite the dwindling flame of a two-state solution. The time has come for the UK to join the 70-plus states that have recognized the state of Palestine. 

"With a new Israeli Government may yet come new opportunities for talks, but critically these must be between equals. That is why recognition of Palestine cannot wait a moment longer."

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