Thursday, April 25, 2019

Lib Dems demand change to abortion law in Northern Ireland

Liberal Democrat MP Christine Jardine has today called on the Conservative Government to end the breaches of human rights for women in Northern Ireland by decriminalising abortion.
Ms Jardine was responding to the report from the Women and Equalities Committee which has warned of a lack of scrutiny and a continuing failure of the UK Government to respond to international human rights obligations.
Ms Jardine said:

“Women in Northern Ireland are being left behind. Women’s physical and mental health is being jeopardised due to the near total ban on abortion in Northern Ireland.
“The UN has told the Conservative Government, the UK Supreme Court has told the Conservative Government, and now Parliament is again telling the Conservative Government – they are failing to address breaches of human rights in Northern Ireland.
“What needs to happen for the Conservatives to act to change this harmful and cruel law? Women in Northern Ireland deserve the same rights as women in the rest of the UK, and the Liberal Democrats demand better for women in Northern Ireland.
“If the Conservatives will not, or cannot, change the law then they must give Parliament the opportunity to decriminalise abortion.”

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