Monday, August 12, 2019

Jo Swinson calls on Boris Johnson to visit Irish border

Today, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Jo Swinson has challenged Boris Johnson to visit the Irish border following her own visit there this morning. Johnson failed to go to the border on a recent visit to Northern Ireland and also failed to visit during his time as Foreign Secretary.

Speaking after her visit, Jo Swinson said: 

“Boris Johnson never visited the Irish border as Foreign Secretary, and he hasn’t visited as Prime Minister. If he had, he’d have heard first hand what a disaster his Brexit plans are for peace and prosperity.

"The people of Ireland and Northern Ireland know what a disaster his Brexit deal is, but by refusing to visit the border communities the Prime Minister is simply burying his head in the sand to those realities.

"The only real way out of this mess is to stop Brexit through a people’s vote, with the option to stay in the EU.”

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nigel hunter said...

The fact that Johnson AND Corbyn have not been to the NI border should be WELL ADVERTISED.