Thursday, August 29, 2019

Sajid Javid setting himself up as the riskiest Chancellor in history

Responding to the reports that the Treasury has confirmed the government’s fast-tracked Spending Round will take place on 4th September, Liberal Democrat Shadow Chancellor Ed Davey said:

“This won’t be a spending review, it’ll be Johnson’s election rehearsal. This is nothing more than a transparent move to butter up the British public for a snap General Election before the Tories unleash the catastrophic consequences of a no-deal Brexit. 

“However, they cannot hide the damage Brexit has already done to our economy and we have not even left the EU. Brexit is damaging our businesses, costing us jobs and tanking our economy. Not to mention this can’t be a serious spending review - the new Government haven’t had time to review anything except their Brexit and election strategies.

“This is just another example of how much money the Conservatives are wasting as they continue to put Party before country. Sajid Javid could be setting himself up as the riskiest Chancellor in history.”

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nigel hunter said...

Yes, it is an election sweetener. It is the carrot and stick that the donkey follows so that the rider gets his way (a majority for a brexit outcome). Give the masses what they want so that we get what we (Johnson) want.
As the country has already been hit by Brexit I can only see the country slowing loosing future benefits of trade leading to less funds for social needs. We wil become a small. insignificant country
With the fall of the £ and financial troubles our businesses are open to take overs ie Tompson's Travel. Tech firms are being bought also. Brexit leads to foriegn countries shareholders reaping the benefits NOT the UK.