Friday, August 16, 2019

Tories must stop ignoring consequences of their failed war on drugs

Responding to the release from the Office for National Statistics that in 2018 the UK had the highest ever recorded number of people dying through drug related deaths, Liberal Democrat Health spokesperson Judith Jolly said:

"We are witnessing the highest numbers of people dying through drug-related deaths and still the Conservatives are failing to respond to these ever increasing figures.
"Instead of trying to fix the problem, the Conservatives cling to their failing policies on drugs. Policies that have seen massive cuts to adult drug misuse services, policies that criminalise instead of help people, policies that are directly contributing to this rise in deaths.
"The Liberal Democrats demand better for people with drug misuse problems and their families that are left devastated from the consequences of addiction and drug-related deaths.

"Liberal Democrats, with a penny on income tax, would return the money to drug misuse services and other public health services that the Tories have cut. We would also deliver greater investment in mental health across the healthcare system to ensure that when people need help, help is there."

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