Thursday, March 08, 2018

ESA appeals figures "absolutely appalling"


New data out today from the DWP shows that the majority of ESA fit for work decisions that are appealed are overturned. 38% of fit for work decisions are upheld, and 62% overturned.

Commenting, Stephen Lloyd, Liberal Democrat Work & Pensions Spokesperson, said:

“These figures are absolutely appalling, but of little surprise to me. With the many constituents who come through my office and those of other MPs’ across the country, we see with our own eyes some shocking decisions by Work Capability tribunals.

"It is time that we stop faceless corporations making money off the backs of disabled people, while providing poor quality service.

"The Liberal Democrats are campaigning to bring welfare assessments in-house as a public service to our disabled neighbours. This would be fairer, improve quality and remove the profit motive from what has become a broken and soul-destroying process.”

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