Saturday, March 10, 2018

Liberal Democrats are the party of policing

Ed Davey will outline bold new ideas to pitch the Liberal Democrats as the party of policing. Speaking at the Party’s Spring Conference in Southport, Ed Davey will argue the police are critical to protecting freedom and promoting social justice. He will call for an additional £300 million investment in the police - especially community policing.

Ed Davey will attack the Conservatives for "betraying" the police - with new cuts of over 4,000 officers since 2015 and Theresa May's police bashing and assault on police pay and conditions.

Ahead of the speech Liberal Democrat Home Affairs Spokesperson, Ed Davey said:

“Effective, well-resourced policing is fundamental to protecting our freedoms and helping the most vulnerable in society.

“Liberal Democrats' commitment to civil liberties and social justice means we are natural champions for Britain's police.

“With the Conservatives and Theresa May in particular leading an anti-police charge of cuts in officer numbers, reductions in conditions and unacceptable police bashing, Liberal Democrats must show how we are the true champions of Britain's blue front-line - with our values and our spending priorities."

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