Thursday, May 13, 2021

Community policing needed to prevent post-lockdown crime surge

Liberal Democrats have renewed calls on the Government to restore community policing and youth services, as new official figures show that police-recorded crime was down by 8% in 2020, but rose sharply when Covid restrictions were first lifted last summer.

Responding to the figures, Liberal Democrat Home Affairs Spokesperson Alistair Carmichael MP said:

“As we emerge from lockdown, everyone should be able to feel safe in their homes and walking down their streets. After the crime spike we saw last summer, the Government must act to prevent another surge as restrictions are lifted now.

“For far too long, Conservative Ministers have been trying hard to seem tough on crime, but failing to do what works to actually prevent it. Their unnecessary police cuts have contributed to the rise in serious violence.

“Police need the officers, resources and time to focus on preventing and solving crimes. Instead, the Tories want to waste police time chasing pointless, centralised Whitehall targets.

“Liberal Democrats are calling for a return to proper community policing, where officers are visible, trusted and known personally to local people. And the Government must also restore youth services to give young people a positive alternative to gangs and violence.”

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