Sunday, May 23, 2021

Lib Dems demand review on Excluded workers

Liberal Democrats have tabled an amendment to the Finance Bill demanding a review into the impact of the Government's decision to exclude millions of workers from income support.

The amendment, up for selection on Monday (24th May), calls on the Government to carry out a review of its income support schemes within three months.

It specifies that the review should assess the impact on limited company directors and other categories of self-employed people, who have largely been excluded from financial support.

Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for the Treasury, Christine Jardine, said: 

"It really is time that this Government stopped ignoring the plight of millions of taxpayers who have been excluded from vital financial support in this pandemic.

"Taxi drivers, make-up artists, florists and many more have found themselves left out of Government income support schemes.

"Liberal Democrats are clear that the Government should act immediately to provide the financial support these people so desperately need. We are calling for a review into the impact of the Government’s lack of support for the excluded, which will lay bare the consequences of their poor decision and, we hope, prompt them into finally taking action."

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